Prof. Stephen Hinton and the St Lawrence String Quartet present Defining the String Quartet: Haydn The course, which features musical demonstrations, performances, and conversations with the St. Lawrence String Quartet (, is free and open to the public.

Stanford Courses with the SLSQ

One important way in which we contribute to the intellectual life of the University is through our appearances in regularly scheduled Stanford academic classes. In prior years these have included iHum classes and retired Professor John Felstiner’s Holocaust studies classes; in more recent years, we've frequently participated as guests in music department classes taught by such colleagues as Stephen Hinton, Jonathan Berger, Mark Applebaum, Charles Kronengold, Heather Hadlock, Thomas Grey, and George Barth. We have participated, through performance and lecture/demonstration events, in several Music Department special presentations, including Jonathan Berger’s “Music and the Brain” Symposium and George Barth and Kumaran Arul's “Reactions to the Record.”

Our collaborations with musicology colleague Stephen Hinton have been frequent and our ongoing. These include a Continuing Education course focused on the history of the string quartet in Winter Quarter of 2014; an Introductory Seminar, "The Classical String Quartet: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert," Music 39N, in Winter Quarter of 2015; a Continuing Studies course centered on the works and life of Joseph Haydn in Spring Quarter of 2015; and in the summer of 2015, we collaborated with Professor Hinton on the development and production of a MOOC featuring the Haydn String Quartets Op. 20, focusing on the Quartet in F minor, Op. 20, #5,   

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